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Welcome to virtual events made simple.

At Conference Loft, we seek to make the virtual world as close to the real thing as possible for you and your audience.

What does this mean?

This means that we have combined the most impactful parts of the in-person conference experience to provide you with as many touch points as possible with your target audience.
From the moment participants enter your virtual event by Conference Loft they will feel like this event was made just for them.
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Conference Loft not only provides a variety of ways to fully customize your event, but we also provide you with ways to monetize it, as well.

How can we monetize our virtual event?


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Booth Upgrades

Your Booths

Standard Media Booth

*Comes with the standard package.

Our Standard Media Booth is a versatile tool that allows your exhibitors to display a video, retractable banner image, and share up to three (3) digital resources. Equally, the Standard Media Booth Displays the exhibitor's website (with hyperlink) to their website and an active email link.

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The Cast

64% of all respondents took some action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse

or inclusive.

Conference Loft wants you to connect with your audience from the first moment to the very last, in each of your virtual events. And one way we help you do that is by offering a diverse group of characters to choose from when it comes to hosting your virtual booth. Your virtual audience want to see themselves in your digital content. More importantly, they want to know that you aren't color blind. They want to know that you see them – physically, spiritually, geographically, and psychologically. They want to make sure you get their needs, their pain points, their thoughts.

It is also important to know that your virtual audience isn’t always thinking about themselves. They want to see and hear from more than one type of person or voice in your digital content. A recent consumer survey by Google and The Female Quotient revealed that 64% of all respondents took some action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive.

It is with that in mind that Conference loft offers a wide range of characters for you to consider for your booth. Take a look in our virtual carousel and find your next host.

Conference Loft Selection
Conference Loft Selection Elijah
Conference Loft Selection Taio
Conference Loft Selection Scott
Conference Loft Selection Mateo
Conference Loft Selection Dakota
Conference Loft Selection Phil
Conference Loft Selection Isaac
Conference Loft Selection Jennifer
Conference Loft Selection Victoria
Conference Loft Selection Breonna
Conference Loft Selection Li
Conference Loft Selection Aaliyah
Conference Loft Selection Jessica
Conference Loft Selection Young Adults
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Graphics Upgrade

Graphic Upgrades

Booths are first displayed in the Exhibition Hall of your virtual event. And as any experienced exhibitor knows, positioning and visual appeal are key components to attracting attendees. Each booth comes with standard exhibitor logo placement on a key part of the exhibit. With the edition of the Graphics Upgrade Package, visitors can choose from a dozen CL Brand Boosting Visual Effects that will increase traffic flow to their booth. 

Without Visual Effects

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With Visual Effects

The Campus Naked Example.png
CL Confetti Booster.gif
Untitled design - 2020-11-11T221400.082.

Visual Effects Gallery

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